Thank you to the many folks who emailed me to let me know how much they appreciate the increased security here at Phantom Lake. Our staff strives each day to do all we can for our kids and we appreciate when people are open to changes that will positively impact our students!

Since the Sandy Hook tragedy, schools across the United States, and here in Bellevue, have been tightening up safety procedures. After Sandy Hook, we decided to have one entry point to our building in order to know all adults who are on our campus with access to our children. The changes to the lock systems are made centrally in BSD and I put in a request in January to have them changed. It took several emails over the weeks to have the change come to fruition and while I very much wanted the doors locked we weren’t sure of exactly when it would happen. In anticipation for this change we had staff make signs directing everyone to the office and those were hung up at our various potential entry points several days ago.  Most mornings I will be opening the double doors by the office and greeting families and Ms. Judy will be opening the doors by the gym to greet families who are dropping students off in the drop-off area. Unless one of us is sick or handling another need these will be available for entry into the building. There will be 3 entry points:

  1. The main office doors
  2. The doors next to the office
  3. The gym doors

If there is not someone opening the doors at the gym or by the office people will need to enter through the office. Once again, this change was made so that our staff is aware of every single person who is gaining access to our children. In this day and age we are no longer able to allow just anyone to enter at any point in our school without letting us know they are here. Families are absolutely welcome and encouraged to come to Phantom Lake at any time- we just need to know you are here. Last week we had an adult, unknown to our staff, wander into our lunchroom via the doors by the gym. That time it was a grandfather of a preschool student and we don’t want there to be a next time where we do not know the adult or their intent.

Every change comes with bumps and tweaks. There isn’t a way to communicate a change in a way that ensures that every single person is aware of the change at the same time. The email yesterday and the signs that were hung up a few days ago were two avenues we took to communicate the change to families. For those of you who work in product development/business you know that any new product launch (AKA change) comes with new information and tweaks and changes to make it work more smoothly. Over the next weeks we commit to making tweaks to ensure that this safety change has little negative impact on our families.

I look forward to continued constructive communication on how we can improve entry into our school while maintaining student safety. It is so important that we lift each other up as a community and work positively and proactively together for the benefit of our kiddos. My door is always open!

Thank you for your support of our students and staff!