With the generous support of the Lighthouse Community and through the efforts of members Bill Dougherty, and coaches Doug Yip, Jon Okada, Sandley Lee, Wayne Watanabe, and Trenton Yenokida, Phantom Lake 5th graders participated in their second consecutive year of the Washington State Math Olympiad. Washington State Math Olympiad is a statewide competition where each team works together to earn points towards receiving different levels of accomplishment; Superior, Excellent, Very good, and/or Good in each of five subtests including: Ratio and Proportional Relationships, Number System, Expressions and Equations, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. In addition, to the five 20 minute subtests, teams are given one hour to solve a complex multi-step long problem.

Students participating in the Math Olympiad met off campus on Thursday evenings at the new Lighthouse facility located next to the Lake Hills Library. Each small group of 3-4 students had a coach who provided instruction, support, and practice in solving a variety of problems in preparation for the competition which was held in Aberdeen, Washington, on Saturday, April 29th .

Phantom Lake is very proud to have ten students who spent time outside of school engaged in mathematics. These accomplished students are: Daniel A., Ava G., Madison H., Sofia H., Hannah H., Nikita J., Monica M., Bryan M., Lauren N., and Xavier N.. We are also very grateful to have fostered this unique partnership with the Lighthouse community. The support of the coaches allowed students to not only learn new things, and to participate in an academic competition, but to also develop a greater understanding of the power of teamwork, and a deeper appreciation for their own abilities as learners, thinkers, and problem solvers.

Additionally, one of our PLE teams earned ribbons for both the short and long problems. The members of that team were Hannah, Nikita, and Sofia.

Congratulations once again!

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