We here on the PTA Board know what you're thinking.

ANOTHER FUNDRAISER?!?! Don't you know that kids are expensive! Between groceries, lessons, sports, childcare, clothes and entertainment we're watching our cash fly away! Why do you want more money?!?! You've got to be kidding!

We feel you. We really do. We have kids too, and they're sucking us dry (and not just in the arena of money, we could also add time, emotions, energy....but that's a talk for another day).

But here's the deal. It costs money to get things done at school. Those erasers and trinkets your kids come home with every week? The ones that motivate them to finish their reading, or sit still for a few hours – the PTA gives teachers money to buy those. And hundreds of dollars worth of other supplies for each classroom. We (you and those of us on the board) pay for field trips, dances, movie nights, multi-cultural night, scholarships for after school programs, safety gear, and emergency prep supplies for every classroom.

Did you know that without PTA begging you for money, we wouldn't have picture day, yearbook, or science fair?

Did you know that 10% of the money we raise during the Apex Fun Run will go straight back to the teachers?

So please, please, please, when your kids come home excited about the Fun Run, help them ask friends, grandparents, and family members for support! Most of our students love it!  There are a few who don't, like the too cool 5th graders and kids who don't like to run.  But the rest of the kids get a chance to make a difference for their school.  The Fun Run leaders are full of energy, and each night we'll be posting a video on facebook about what they taught the kids in class that day so that you know what's going on.  

Have questions? We hope we have the answers! If you want to know even more about the Fun Run, check this out.

Our gift to you? Next year our only big fundraiser will be the school auction, moved to the spring. That means no Fun Run next year. So let's go out with a bang this year, shall we?!

To make the actual run a success, we need loads of volunteers, so please, do us a solid and sign up when we get the link posted.