All of the great things Phantom Lake PTA is able to offer are made possible by our fundraising efforts. We use a variety of fundraising avenues throughout the year to do this. We need everyone's help! The funds we raise go directly info PTA budget to provide enrichment activities such as assemblies, curriculum supplements, family nights, and teacher support.

If you are interested in volunteering on the fundraising committee, email us at

If you are a local business who is interested in sponsoring an event or donating services/items, email us at

If every student at Phantom Lake brings in $70 over the course of the year, we will reach our goals! 

Our fundraising program includes Box Tops and Labels for Education collections (all year), Fall Auction  (November), Candygrams (February), Spring Walkathon (June), and more! Keep your eye out for more information!

General donations are always welcome as well. We also are setup for Corporate Match through Microsoft, Boeing, and other local companies. Phantom Lake PTA is a certified non-profit, all donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Here are some testimonials from our Phantom Lake staff about how your fundraising dollars directly impact their work at school:

I came in halfway through the school year as a first year teacher and was given a lot of support from the PTA fund. I was able to buy new class supplies, decorate my classroom to make into my own, and provide class snack for my students who don’t come to school with a class snack. Without these funds I would not have been able to give my students such a welcoming and comfortable last half of their year. I’m so grateful for the PTA and their support! Thank YOU!

- Mrs. Pelzel (5th grade, 2013-14)

This year, my class, and all third graders, have benefitted greatly from generous PTA Grants. As a third grade team, we had heard about a wonderful opportunity to tour Elliot Bay on an Argosy Cruise. We thought, “This will tie in PERFECTLY with our social studies curriculum about global trade and the economy!” The only problem was, it was pretty expensive. Because the PTA had the funds available to help us out, our kids got a once in a lifetime experience at minimal cost to families. This is something that would not have been possible otherwise. Kids need real life experiences from school and that’s just one of many things that the PTA has helped us do this year. 

- Mrs. McGaffey (3rd grade, 2013-14)

I truly appreciate the money that is set aside for FCC (Family Connections Center, VIBES, and Jumpstart).  This year I was able to buy needed lamps to make my FCC welcoming and warm. At FCC, parents come to get basic needs, but to come to talk to me about some serious situations or crisis they are in. For many years, I have spent my own money trying to buy materials for Jumpstart to help students get excited about reading and math.  This year, I have been able to buy much needed school supplies for my students.  Without PTA's assistance our FCC would be just a room with school tables, but with pictures and two new lamps the room is very warm...Thank you so much, I am truly grateful for all the parents do for our school.

- Ms. Judy (Community Relations, 2013-14)

The PTA supports our school in a variety of ways, and fundraising helps them to achieve this.  Our third grade was the recipient of four PTA mini-grants this year, which helped offset the student cost of the recent Harbor Tour field trip, purchase sets of thesauruses for classroom use, and fund subscriptions to Storyworks and National Geographic magazines for students to read in class.  (This was an activity we did together during a Family Third Thursday!) 

- Mrs. Satterfield (3rd grade, 2013-14)

I truly appreciate the PTA support I have received over the years!  First and foremost, I use my PTA teacher fund to supply my classroom with needed items every summer.  I usually need pencil sharpeners, rulers, red pens, notebooks, journals, bins, protractors, reading books, etc…..  I supplement our fifth grade literature circle books yearly with this classroom fund as well.  My classes have benefitted from PTA funding for field trips and assemblies.  And, I greatly appreciate PTA’s generous allotment for Safety Patrol.  I use the $750 yearly to update patrol supplies (helmets, vests, flags, cones, etc.) and to pay for supplies for the patrol parties.  I have also used PTA grant money for field trips, and for taking needed time to plan with a new colleague.

- Mrs. Velling (5th grade, 2013-14)