Membership Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a membership cost? Annual PTA membership costs $15 for individual; $20 for family

Can I sponsor someone’s membership? Yes! When you sign up please indicate if you want to sponsor a Friend ($15) or Teacher ($10) membership. Please include their name at the bottom if you have someone specific you want to sponsor.

Are there scholarships available? Yes, please contact our Membership Chair, Beka Anardi ( or email

Do I have to attend meetings? Nope! You can choose to attend as many as you want or none of them; they are not required but are beneficial to know what the PTA is working on with the school. There are 5 meetings a year with childcare provided

Do I have to volunteer? Nope! We love your help, of course, but you are not required to volunteer. Your membership itself is really the best way to support the PTA and school.

Do I need to renew my membership every year? Yes

What is required to sign up? Your name, email address, phone number, students’ name/s and grade/s, and your payment.

What is the function of the PTA? The PTA acts as support for the school, students, families and community. We organize all extra-curricular activities, assemblies, field trips, grants for teachers, handwriting without tears, teacher and specialist classroom funds, sports equipment, playground equipment and much more.

What are Phantom Lake PTA’s Mission and Goals? Our mission is to “empower kids for success in the school and in the community. We accomplish this by connecting school, family and community”. Together we shine!

How does the PTA use my membership funds? PLE PTA uses membership and fundraising money for Handwriting Without Tears supplies; Back to School supplies (the past 2 years the PLE PTA has been able to purchase all or most of the school supplies!); Annual fall Harvest Dance; Ice Cream Social; Art Reflections; Family Movie Nights; Eagles in the Park playdates during the summer; Monthly Staff Appreciation efforts; and so much more! This year the Phantom Lake PTA was able to raise enough funds to purchase a brand-new extension to the school playground!

What else does the PTA help with? Grants for various school programs; Flexible seating options for classrooms; Field Trips; annual school yearbook; school pictures; Read-A-Thon; Support for teachers and staff

Does the PTA work with PLE’s school leadership? Yes! We have a strong relationship with Ms King and 2-3 board members meet monthly with Ms King, Mr Hagan and Mr May to discuss how the PTA can help meet school and student needs

Are there other benefits to becoming a member? Yes! When you become a member of the PTA you have a chance to help make decisions and voice your ideas about your child’s school – decisions about projects, events, creating a diverse community.  You are also eligible for WPTA membership benefits (click here to go to the WPTA membership benefits page: – these benefits include, but aren’t limited to: Wild Waves admission discounts; Washington State Fair discounts; Key Area discounts; and LEGO bags to name a few! Most importantly, when you become a member you are showing your support for your child’s education, school and community!

How do I sign up? You can sign up online by clicking the “Join the PTA” link at the top left corner of the website or click here: You can also sign up by printing out and filling out this form: (found under the Membership tab), bring it to the front office along with your payment (put in the PTA box on the wall)

Thank you for supporting Phantom Lake Elementary's PTA!