2016-17 Award Winners

 Please join us and congratulate some of the outstanding members of the PLE community!

Golden Acorn: Pat Fitzgerald 

Pat has earned the Golden Acorn by volunteering at PLE for over 20 years. Every Thursday, Pat works with small groups of 2nd and 5th graders in reading support, social studies, and homework.  She is a calm, fun and supportive presence in the classroom. Pat goes out of her way to bring treats and surprises for students on holidays and class parties.  When Pat had to give up driving a year ago, she started taking a taxi to come in and volunteer!  We appreciate all your years of service, Pat!  Enjoy your retirement!

Outstanding Advocate: Kris Hagan

Mr. H is a valued member of our school community and has made a huge difference since becoming our Dean of Students. He provides kids with stability, positivity and love even in the most trying of circumstances. Kris is always helpful and goes above and beyond to help our students. He seems to tirelessly come up with new interventions to try. Day after day Mr. H watches over the students and resolves conflicts quickly and fairly. Students know they can rely on Mr. H and often approach him to talk about what's happening in their lives. Mr. Hagan, thank you for making ALL of the students at PLE feel valued.

Outstanding Educator: Jay Powell

Phantom Lake has a strong sense of community and compassion because of teachers like Mr. Powell. By setting clear expectations, Mr. Powell has created a classroom environment that allows his students to flourish and encourages them to become engaged school members and respectful citizens in our community. He starts the day with a high five welcome and creates meaningful relationships with his students. He is a gentle strength throughout the day, leading his students with a strong example. His 3rd grade classroom is calm while allowing all voices to be heard. He invests in each student to understand their passion and uses that focus to help them excel in school work. The small jokes and banter in his class allow the students to be their true selves and be comfortable to make mistakes. Mr. Powell supports a classroom environment that encompasses everyone's strengths, allowing the students to build each other up and ensuring every student can reach their greatest potential. Mr. Powell builds rapport with families to best support his students. Mr. Powell, thank you for being an educator that goes above and beyond for all students and families at Phantom Lake. 

Lifetime Membership Award: Jenny Miller

The Honorary Lifetime PTA Award is given to someone who has made a profound difference in a PTA organization and this person is Jenny Miller.  Jenny has been involved with the Phantom Lake PTA for six years.  She has always gone above and beyond whatever position she has held.  Her love of science had her running the Science Fair and performing science demonstrations during recess.  As VP of Programs, she showcased her video making talents at the 120 year history celebrations as well as at our auctions.  During her presidency, our membership grew by more than 20% and we won several PTA awards including Gold and Silver levels Standards of Excellence not to mention becoming a National PTA School of Excellence.  As the Grants Chair she spearheaded the scholarship funding process for high school graduates to apply for that had attended PLE.  She has a calm approach to leadership and is always dedicated to doing what is best for the school and the PLE community.  She inspires others to do their best!

Platinum Peanut: Becky Rudzinski

The Platinum Peanut Award is given to an individual we appreciate. Becky Rudzinski helped with almost every event at the school this year. You'll often find her there for both setup and cleanup. Becky is always one of the first to volunteer, whether it's for the Science Fair or providing Emergency Prep supplies. She is willing to help any time she's asked, and is a fun and friendly face that most of the parents and kids recognize. Becky, we are so grateful for you!