2015-2016 Award Winners

 Please join us and congratulate some of the outstanding members of the PLE community!

Outstanding Educator: Laura Gaylord
As a math specialist, Mrs. Gaylord has an impact on every student in Phantom Lake. She is creative and innovative, and always looking for new ways to encourage math learning. She has been instrumental in Jump Start, math groups, and in leading the 4th and 5th grade Math Olympiad team. Most importantly, Mrs. Gaylord teaches kids to not shy away from a challenge. She is without a doubt an outstanding educator.
Outstanding Advocate: Kristen Magnuson 
Kristen has worked behind the scenes for years, helping teachers to secure the funding they need for curriculum updates and creative classroom experiences. She works closely with teachers to help them craft grant requests, and works on the PTA side to ensure that funding is used fairly and equitably in the school community. She always speaks up for kids, and the PTA is happy to honor her contributions with the Outstanding Advocate award.
Golden Acorn: Michelle Klecan 
Michelle has earned the Golden Acorn by working tirelessly to build the PTA into a strong and effective organization. She is hands-on, running events and solving problems, but she also encourages volunteers, nurtures leaders, and cultivates membership. She has elevated our school community to the state level with national PTA programs and state award applications. But most importantly, she is a singularly helpful and welcoming leader. Congratulations, Michelle, on you Gold Acorn award!
Lifetime Membership Award: Annette Kennedy
The Lifetime Membership Award is given to an individual who has made a profound difference in a PTA organization. As a parent who has been involved right from the start, Annette has implemented significant changes in the fundraising model of the Phantom Lake PTA. She has incorporated an effective auction, and increased the fundraising success tremendously. She also created the Phantom Lake Running Club, a before-school program that has benefited students of all ages. You will be missed, Annette, and congratulations on your award.